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In the Modern Workplace, we are moving further away from the idea that work must be carried out at a specific time and place to a reality where employees can get their work done anytime and anywhere.

Turn on Microsoft Teams today to enjoy a single shared workspace with file sharing, video meetings, and chat—all with the security of the Microsoft cloud.

Using Office 365 at work? Microsoft Teams is ready to enable teamwork for you.

A survey by Connect Solutions stated that 77% of employees working off-site were more productive, and 33% accomplished more in less time, one of the top reasons being  “that working off-site was often less stressful”.

Today’s workplace is a challenging environment for teamwork, Microsoft Teams solves for multiple communication channels, disparate collaboration tools, and a remote workforce.

Microsoft Teams

The Future of Collaboration is here

Microsoft Teams provides employees with the right tools to collaborate extensively from remote locations, from multiple devices, and without the risk of information silos or missed communications while boosting employee engagement, improving productivity, reducing costs and empowering your workforce to be more flexible. 

Advantages of Microsoft Teams with Office 365

24/7 Access to Communication

Choose between team & private discussions, as well as integrated audio & video chats. You also have the option of integrating your business' phone system with Microsoft Teams.

Increased Productivity & Collaboration

Everyone receives the same message at the same time. As a result, people can collaborate & keep the discussion flowing, helping you reach solutions faster & develop more efficient action plans.

Integrations that work for your business

Microsoft Teams allows you to integrate the platform with an ever-growing list of third-party services and tools.

Seamless move to a digital workplace

Being able to access information from anywhere on any device is a huge business benefit. In addition, with your workplace in the cloud, you can reap the benefits of big data processing & artificial intelligence to work smarter.

Collaborate with integrated Office 365 apps

Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are built-in, giving you access to files and tools in one place, you can quickly get new team members up to speed & engaged in the workflow, no matter where they are located.

Innovation built on a foundation of quality

Microsoft Teams is built for modern communications that ensure optimal audio & video experiences regardless of device or network. Organizations can work with confidence, on a platform designed with security & compliance.

Working with Definity

Why Choose Us

Definity First is a Gold Microsoft Partner with more than eighteen years of experience working with Microsoft Solutions.

Our own experience with the Microsoft Teams and Microsoft certified engineers makes us a unique partner to support your transition and adoption strategy.

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Empower your Remote Communication Strategy with Microsoft Teams

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