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We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge communication tools that empower workforces and transform how they work. Whether you're looking to boost productivity, streamline operations, or enhance collaboration, our solutions are designed to help you achieve your goals. With our customizable services, you can rest assured that your specific requirements will be met and you'll receive the support you need to succeed.

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Project: SharePoint Intranet

Our team partnered with Berkeley's Advancement Services department to improve its intranet, boost employee engagement, and enhance internal communication.

Leveraging our extensive experience with SharePoint, we guided Berkeley's Advancement Services department through a seamless migration from the older version of the platform to the newer cloud-based version. This migration allowed for a more robust and flexible intranet, providing employees with a user-friendly experience and greater collaboration and communication.
The enhanced intranet increased employee engagement by providing a centralized platform for employees to access important information, documents, and data. This feature eliminated the need for employees to search through various sources, saving valuable time and resources.

This project resulted in an enhanced intranet that fostered employee engagement, streamlined communication, and provided a more efficient and effective business operation.

The first month reported an increase of 36% more unique users & 50% more hits over the previous year.


LA Phill

Project: SharePoint Intranet

Our team assisted LA Phill in boosting their team's efficiency by developing a custom SharePoint intranet, which allowed them to access, share, and collaborate around structured data. This implementation enabled LA Phill's team to streamline their workflow, reducing communication, planning, and approval issues while simplifying their overall business operations.

By utilizing SharePoint lists, LA Phill's team could store and organize critical data in a structured manner. This feature allowed the team members to access the data they needed quickly and efficiently, improving their overall productivity. Additionally, it facilitated collaboration among team members, making it easier for them to share information, provide feedback, and work together to complete tasks.

To further optimize their workflow, our team implemented Power Automate workflows that helped automate various tasks, reducing the amount of manual work required for communication, planning, and approvals. This automation eliminated potential delays and errors, saving valuable time and resources.



Project: Power App Portal

Implementing an online portal built with Microsoft Power Apps has enabled internal and external users and developers to access critical business processes quickly. This portal serves as an efficient and effective tool to streamline workflow and ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience for all stakeholders.

One of the primary advantages of this portal is that it provides online access to all stakeholders, regardless of their location. The portal's interface is also user-friendly, making it easy for stakeholders to navigate and locate the necessary information.

All documents relevant to the portal are stored in SharePoint, which has workflow automation and content collaboration features. SharePoint lets stakeholders access essential documents, files, and data quickly and efficiently.

Implementing this online portal built with Microsoft Power Apps and SharePoint has significantly improved business processes, ensuring seamless collaboration and communication among stakeholders while providing easy access to critical data and documents.



Project: Sharepoint Intranet

Definity First created a renewed and modernized intranet that enhances the user experience, ensures seamless integration, and provides a centralized platform to share all relevant information.

This updated intranet offers a range of user benefits, including an improved interface and navigation system that makes it easier to find and access information quickly. It is also designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems and platforms, enabling users to collaborate more efficiently and effectively.

We also provided training and support to ensure a smooth transition to the new system and maximize user adoption.


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