Providing unique design that has been crafted with your business goals in mind

Providing unique design that has been crafted with your business goals in mind

UX & UI Design and Consulting Services

Our approach to every project is focused on improving the user experience while ensuring our solutions align with our clients' goals. As a result, we provide top-notch UX and UI services that produce tangible business outcomes.
We use a design process centered on the user to create solutions that attract and retain customers, drive conversions, and promote customer loyalty.

Our creative team is dedicated to delivering measurable business results, is up to date with the latest trends, and collaborates closely with the development team to produce highly effective UX/UI solutions for web, iOS, and Android platforms.

Our services

  • Design Thinking Workshop
  • UX Assessment
  • Usability Testing
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Product Innovation & Design
  • Design System Development
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Naming & Branding
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My Local Safety

Projects: Naming, Branding, UX/UI, App Development

Our team was involved in every aspect of creating the My Local Safety application, from conceptualizing its name to designing and developing its features. We strongly emphasized the user experience by ensuring the interface was aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate, increasing the application's credibility, and promoting user engagement.

Through our successful partnership with the client, we delivered an optimized and user-friendly application that significantly contributed to driving business growth and expanding its national reach.



Projects: UX & UI Design, App Development, Software Integration

Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, CLIPr offers its users a comprehensive video content management system. To best reflect this innovative technology, our team designed a visually appealing interface that seamlessly integrates with the company's Microsoft Teams channels. The result is an intuitive and user-friendly platform that allows for effortless organization, searching, interaction, and video content sharing.


P2 Energy

Project: UX & UI Design

Our team played a crucial role in aiding P2 Energy with the creation of non-functional prototypes for their P2E order fulfillment application. Before diving into the project, we recognized the importance of conducting a comprehensive competitive analysis.

We successfully completed the design of each of the prototypes that were requested by the client. This included the mobile and desktop versions and Power Apps Canvas screens for internal and external users.



Project: Branding, UX/UI

BD's outdated brand identity and sites needed to reflect its innovative software solutions and values. 
Our team conducted extensive research to understand the target audience and market trends. We developed a new brand identity based on insights aligned with BD's vision. The new identity included a modern logo, color palette, and typography that showcased the company's innovative spirit and professionalism.


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