Harness Knowledge & Expertise with Microsoft Viva Topics

Harness Knowledge with Microsoft Viva Topics

The new employee experience
built on Microsoft 365

Viva Topics is the solution that works with Microsoft Teams and uses Microsoft AI technology, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Graph, Search, and other components and services to bring knowledge and deliver the information to your users in the apps they use every day, starting with SharePoint modern pages, and Search in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel.

Microsoft Viva Topics is a great way to connect with individuals and knowledge experts in their organization, improving productivity and collaboration across all your teams and departments while also reducing barriers for new starts and facilitating knowledge sharing.

Connecting users with the knowledge they need, exactly when they need it through Microsoft Viva Topics

Turn content into knowledge

Use AI to reason over your organization’s data and automatically identify, process, and organize content.

Automatically identify topics
Recognize common topics across content and conversations, organize information, and generate topic pages.

Find related topics
Discover and display complementary topics and expertise from across sources.

Turn content into knowledge with Microsoft Viva Topics
Organize knowledge

Improve topics by combining AI and human expertise.

Automatically build topic pages
Viva Topics allow users to create topic pages and topic cards using suggested definitions, related content, relevant conversations, and expertise.

Curate topics
Cultivate knowledge using your experts and AI to refine topic pages.

Organize knowledge with Viva Topics
Make knowledge easy to discover

Automatically display topic cards across Microsoft 365 apps to discover knowledge in the context of your work.

Let knowledge find you
Show topic highlights and display topic cards in any Microsoft 365 app.

Find topics anywhere with Viva Topics
Give people the knowledge they need anytime, anywhere by using Search to discover topics.

Make knowledge easy to discover with Microsoft Viva Topics

Shape the flow of knowledge throughout your organization with Microsoft Viva Topics

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