Unleash the expertise of our cloud business experts, developers, and consultants, to help you develop your cloud business applications.

Reliable, competitive, and cost-effective staff augmentation services

We provide the speed, expertise, and flexibility your teams need to scale up at any stage on the project and deliver cloud business applications on time. In addition, when the need arises, our staff augmentation services help companies quickly fill the resource gap and augment their teams with certified developers and engineers managed directly by you. You can count on us to help you source and add staff dedicated to your project. They operate in similar time zones and remain responsive no matter how difficult a situation may be.

Speed up your cloud business application development while providing competitive costs and increasing productivity

Our staff augmentation services provide the speed, professional acumen and flexibility your team needs to scale quickly and complete development on time.


Quickly integrate engineers and developers to increase your team’s capacity and add value to your cloud business applications projects.


Get the top talent resources you need to develop cloud business app projects faster and efficiently at competitive costs.


Increase or decrease the size of your development workforce as needed with on-demand talent that’s ready to drive projects to the finish line.

Geographical proximity
Geographical proximity

Our services ensure seamless communication between your in-house and augmented teams by ensuring that they are on the same timetable as you.

Our cloud experts, developers, and engineers are proficient in the following Microsoft technologies

Why choose staff augmentation services with Definity First?

With more than 18 years of experience developing cloud business applications, we know how to find you people who can make a real difference to your bottom line. Our staff augmentation services meet your dynamic requirements, ensuring scalability and efficiency. Our highly skilled team of cloud business experts and engineers have so far delivered 230+ projects in diverse industries, are fluent English speakers, and own similar cultural values. Start enhancing your project speed with a professional team to deliver your project on time. Get in touch with us now to learn more.

Definity First Staff Augmentation Services
Our staff augmentation services help these global companies stay at the top of their game

Augment your team and speed up your cloud business applications development

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