Revolutionizing Claim Management with AI-Powered Efficiency for Global Insurance

Case Study of a Global Provider of Insurance products 
Project Highlights
  • Reduced claim processing times.
  • Significant decline in manual errors during data entry.
  • Significant decline in manual errors during data entry 
  • Exponential growth through automation and AI-driven solution.

At a glance

The company stands as the preeminent figure in the global landscape of publicly traded property and casualty insurance entities. Boasting an expansive reach, this company operates across a staggering 54 countries and territories, ensuring its presence and service offerings are felt far and wide. Clients entrust this company with their diverse insurance needs, ranging from comprehensive commercial and personal property and casualty coverage to personal accident and supplemental health insurance.

Additionally, the company extends its expertise into the realms of reinsurance and life insurance, further solidifying its status as an indispensable partner in risk management and financial security on a global scale.

Legacy Woes: The Company Takes on Modernization Journey for Improved Customer Claims Management

The company's subsidiary in Mexico faces several pressing challenges with its current claims management system. Firstly, the existing legacy application proves to be a financial burden due to its high maintenance costs. Secondly, the system struggles with scalability issues, hindering its ability to adapt to the company's growing needs efficiently. Moreover, the presence of unresolved errors within the application's code base poses significant risks to the business operations, potentially compromising data integrity and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the technology framework employed for the application is outdated, no longer aligning with industry best practices, prompting the need for a modernization effort to ensure The Company's continued digital evolution and support for its accelerated growth trajectory.

  • Legacy application is expensive to maintain
  • Difficulty in scaling the legacy application
  • Unaddressed errors in the code base pose a risk to the business
  • Technology framework used for the application is outdated and no longer an industry best practice
Claim Management System: Tailoring the Solution with Definity First's Expertise and Industry Knowledge

Definity First recommended leveraging a modern framework to develop a new application compatible with Android and iOS platforms for The Company. The solution employed Ionic, a cross-platform framework, ensuring a unified codebase deployable across ecosystems. Ionic's development-friendly features, including native code compilation and a rich library of UI elements, were harnessed by Definity First to craft an intuitive application capable of delivering a seamless user experience in both connected and disconnected environments.

Furthermore, Definity First's expertise in UI/UX design facilitated the creation of an application seamlessly integrated with existing systems. This integration enhances data sharing among multiple departments, significantly improving the workflow for claim adjusters.

Main features ↓
  1. Register a new claim.
  2. Upload documents and incident photos.
  3. Manage medical emergencies.
  4. Map incidents and request driving directions.
  1. Automatically request repair estimates.
  2. Generate and send repair orders.
  3. Sign documents electronically.
Unlocking Value: The Benefits of the Claim Management App
The implementation of Definity First's claim management system resulted in significant improvements for the Global Insurance Company.
Reduced claim processing times
Reduced claim processing times
Faster response times at the place of the incident
Faster response times at the place of the incident
Significant decline in manual errors during data entry
Minimized need for physical documents
Minimized need for physical documents

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