Achieving real-time insights and improved results by synchronizing data with Dynamics 365 Field Service

Case Study: Hamilton
Project Highlights
  • Mobile data synchronization
  • Tasks tracked and documented under work orders
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Real-time information via a dashboard
  • Field Service goes from reactive to proactive

At a glance

Hamilton Company has been a leading global manufacturer for over 60 years, with headquarters in the USA and Europe and worldwide subsidiary offices. They specialize in developing, manufacturing, and customization of precision measurement devices, automated liquid handling workstations, and sample management systems.

Building Work Orders on the Field Service Module is an essential function of the Applications Department. Unfortunately, there was no follow-up of the orders during delivery or post-sale (support), and they needed a tool to fill that gap.

Hamilton's processes are optimized for quality and flexibility

Field service organizations have traditionally operated under the break-fix model, responding to device failure after the customer reports an issue. This is a costly and inefficient approach to work as it has proven less than effective in satisfying the customer's rising needs before things go south. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities, Definity First set up the Field Service Work Order Project. This solution would better connect and serve Hamilton's field users to track orders in real time.

It helps keep track of Work Orders to and out of the office by customizing the Field Service Module and generating components for an optimal administration of the Work Orders according to the department's process flow.


Operational Transparency and Process Improvement

Our Microsoft Dynamics Specialists collaborated with technicians at Hamilton Company to ensure that tasks were completed marked by weekly sprints.

The proof of concept was the initial landmark towards project development. The delivery was made on time and user tests were done to verify the results. In the final solutions, tasks fulfilled each part of the flow individually and without overlapping information; this helped ease the flow from one department to another.

Field engineers were able to see real-time info and handle full processes from desktop and mobile devices. This helped to complete tasks much faster and more accurately, minimize human error, and immediately record service reports in Dynamics 365 for Field Service, where they could be made available to all the Department.

Intelligent planning to improve efficiency and save resources

Dynamics 365 Field Service provides a powerful singular interface to ensure efficiency for field engineers. It helps them gather work orders from channels such as email, phone, and chat. At the same time, the role dashboards provide curated views displaying real-time information.

The handoff involves a step-by-step workflow that administrators and supervisors can easily update based on daily or hourly events. This allows for coordination between departments while maintaining a holistic view of the case, customer information, and remediation steps. Field engineers can populate work orders with the appropriate service tasks and estimated time, ensuring a quick turnaround for customers. All can be included in the work order, logged, and tracked within an asset management system.

Connected Internet of Things devices can be used to provide proactive support. Use these to identify thresholds and standards for preventative maintenance. This helps respond to customer needs in a more intelligent, agile way.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, Hamilton gets proactive service, connected interactions, and empowered individuals and organizations to offer a seamless service experience.
Regarding the project, I especially enjoyed working with this team! There was constant communication and good recommendations, and we stayed on the timeline that was originally provided. Their skillset is noticed, it is very encouraging, and I hope to continue working with the group on future projects.

Better team integration with unified technology

Mobilization and cutting-edge technologies, including automation and new tools, can help empower field teams. Why not use this opportunity to optimize resource management and enhance customer service with proactive and predictive solutions?

The impact that customer data is having in today's economy is already evident. Organizations that leverage their customer behavior data to generate insights outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin (Source: McKinsey).

A unified data estate not only helps organizations to understand and engage their customers but can power better business decisions and strategies.

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