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Modernizing eCommerce for Enhanced Positioning and Sales

Case Study for a Leading Global Sports Travel & Event Management Company. Official NFL® Fan Travel.
Project Highlights
  • Digitalizing ticket sales revolutionized accessibility
  • Agile white labeling boosts customization
  • Centralized management streamlines operational efficiency
  • Exponential growth through digital innovation

At a glance

The company is dedicated to curating premium live event experiences with the goal of creating memories that will last a lifetime for our guests. With over two decades of experience, it has redefined luxury hospitality with unsurpassed access, trusted VIP service, and expertise in event planning, travel, hospitality, and corporate ticket sales, providing seamless convenience, comfort, and elevated entertainment for both personal and corporate clients.

The company serves as the official partner of renowned franchises in sports, music, and entertainment, providing exceptional access to major events such as the Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four, Rose Bowl, and headline music events worldwide.

The company's E-commerce Challenge:
Transforming Ticket Sales in a Digital Era

In 2011, the company faced a pivotal challenge: the absence of an e-commerce presence hindered their ability to sell tickets online, relegating them to phone sales. Recognizing the need to evolve with the market and provide customers with a seamless purchasing experience, the company embarked on a journey to develop a robust technology and digitalization strategy centered around an e-commerce platform. This transformation was essential not only to enhance sales but also to address scalability issues during peak periods, laying the foundation for a more efficient and customer-centric approach to ticket sales in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

These are some of the challenges that the modernization of eCommerce presents: 

  • limited their ability to sell tickets online and relied solely on phone sales.
  • There is a need for a robust technology and digitalization strategy focused on an e-commerce platform.
  • The absence of online ticket sales impacted revenue potential, requiring manual assistance for every transaction, which was not scalable during peak sales periods.
  • The inefficiency and complexity of selling tickets solely through phone hotlines.
Innovative ticket sales
Definity First Delivers Seamless White Label E-Commerce Solution for the company
Custom e-commerce platform with API integration
Streamlined sales process for efficiency
Enhanced digital ticketing experience
Flexible site creation and management

The company Launches Innovative Ticket Sales Experience, Powered by AWS and Custom Framework


Definity First transformed the company's e-commerce capabilities with a comprehensive solution comprising a public site, an administrative portal, and seamless API integration. Leveraging AWS hosting, the platform ensures unparalleled reliability, security, and performance. By facilitating white-labeling, the company can swiftly deploy self-branded e-commerce sites, empowering rapid expansion and scalability in online sales. Through a robust custom framework, Definity First has enabled centralized management of content, pricing, and ticket sales across multiple sites, streamlining operations and enhancing the customer experience.

With innovative features such as email ticket delivery, support for secondary market sales, and mobile optimization, the new platform heralds a new era of digital ticketing, offering flexibility, efficiency, and a dynamic sales channel. Definity First's ongoing support and technical expertise have propelled the company to new heights, empowering agile website creation and centralized management, and reinforcing its position as a leader in the ticket sales market.

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