Growing sales opportunities with Microsoft AppSource

Case Study: OptimalQ
Project Highlights
  • Delivery strategy
  • Agile methodology
  • Nearshore services
  • Real-time synchronization solution
  • Microsoft AppSource integration
  • Dynamics 365 automated dialer integration

At a glance

OptimalQ combines historical and real-time enterprise data with its exogenous sensor network. This enables you to predict the best time to engage with a customer, how long the customer will be available, and which channel the customer is most likely to convert.

Our team played a vital role in helping OptimalQ make their innovative solution accessible to a wider audience through Microsoft AppSource. By collaborating closely with OptimalQ, we provided valuable insights and technical expertise, allowing them to navigate the AppSource submission process successfully.

Utilizing an agile methodology, we could work quickly and efficiently to ensure that the solution was ready for deployment in a timely manner. Our team's dedication and expertise allowed us to streamline the development process and minimize any potential roadblocks that could have slowed the deployment process.

Thanks to our collaborative efforts, OptimalQ's solution was made available to users across the globe in just under two months. This achievement is a testament to the power of effective teamwork and demonstrates the importance of leveraging technology and expertise to bring innovative solutions to the market quickly and efficiently.

End-users can now boost their effectiveness by using OptimalQ's availability insight within their Dynamics 365 workspace.


Everyone was committed. Communication was so effective; you would not think our teams were on a fourteen-hour time difference. It’s remarkable how quickly we launched.
Freddy Castro, Definity First CEO & Partner

Connecting Companies and Customers at the Right time. Every time

The future of customer interaction is here

OptimalQ is revolutionizing companies' marketing and sales process, enabling them to engage with more customers better and faster than ever before.

The Science of AvailabilityTM technology used by OptimalQ helps businesses to connect with leads and customers who are mentally and physically available, making it easier to engage them.

This state-of-the-art technology uses AI and machine learning algorithms to identify and analyze user behavior and translate it into availability insights. This way, it predicts the most effective times to engage with leads and/or customers via call, chat, direct message, email, or online ads.

OptimalQ data integrated with enterprise data points allows them to gain access to customer availability insights

Build better relationships with authentic, real-time & personal engagement

Having served businesses worldwide, Optimal Q took the opportunity to take it to the next level.

AppSource makes OptimalQ instantly available within Dynamics 365 for Microsoft customers and partners.

Users can plug their data into OptimalQ's engine without leaving Dynamics 365 and will return the ideal availability time range for each contact. Additionally, in this first release, businesses can automate their campaigns thanks to the App's direct integration with Genesys Cloud.

Genesys will use availability suggestions from OptimalQ to make calls and will feed call result statistics back to Dynamics 365, maintaining campaign performance metrics up to date. This same data will also be sent to OptimalQ, which will be used to increase campaign effectiveness by enhancing availability statistics. This results in contact agents focusing on actual customer engagement while solutions work symbiotically in the background and become more efficient and accurate each time.

Businesses will improve efficiency, save time by detecting duplicate or invalid contact details, and enhance engagement efforts.


Facilitating connections between companies and customers at the optimal moment

  • Empowered Data
    Engaging customers through intelligent insights gathered from real-time customer data analysis becomes possible. This data can be filtered for contact behavior, demographics, and locations for maximum usability.

  • Prioritizing the outbound queue in real-time
    Sales team members will know when the best time to reach out and advise on whether to call, text, or email.

  • Seamless connections
    Synchronize call campaigns with OptimalQ to find the ideal day and time to contact leads. This way, you know that your personalized messages will have a bona fide impact on the prospect.

  • Work with familiar tools
    Increase productivity with familiar tools like Outlook, Teams, Excel, Word, or SharePoint that work seamlessly with Dynamics 365. This ensures continued efficiency and smooth collaboration across the board.

These features also help deliver personalized customer experiences and first-contact resolution - saving money and resources for the companies.
"The collective effort, teamwork, and expertise from both teams made this project successful. Dynamics 365 integration was a natural extension to enable a seamless UX."

Microsoft AppSource provides a new pipeline to partners

With over 100 million monthly commercial active users of Office 365 in organizations worldwide, AppSource provides all of them with one destination to discover, try, and get business apps.

OptimalQ gets to take advantage of a centralized and global approach that is critical to growing right alongside Microsoft's cloud marketplace. Besides, they can connect directly with decision-makers, extend their sales team, and set up new revenue streams from companies that use Microsoft Dynamics 365.

It is essential to mention that ISVs can receive AppSource-generated leads directly into their CRM systems, get feedback on their apps, generate co-sell opportunities with Microsoft sales teams, and benefit from Office Go-to-Market Resources.

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